Week 5 Picks

Week 4 Recap

  1. NC State got robbed. Not of a win, but of a chance to win. Had that play not been ruled out of bounds, NC State would have scored, making the score 13-13. Assuming they hit the PAT, the Wolfpack would have had the lead with a quarter and a half to go. Who knows if they would have held on, but at least they would have had a chance. Instead, a few plays later, NC State fumbled and Clemson recovered, which resulted in a Clemson TD and a win for the Tigers.

    In no other sport can a single play make such a difference in the result of a game. Momentum plays such a huge factor in college football that this one play could have changed the result of the game and potentially the BCS picture at the end of the season.

  2. I could not even recognize the Arizona State team that came out in the first half against Stanford. The Devils then looked like their old selves in the second half, but by then it was too late.

    Would the game have gone in an entirely different direction without the early INT thrown by Taylor Kelly? See above regarding momentum.

  3. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a solid team (in my opinion) play to the level of their opponents quite like Michigan has done this year (see ND, Akron, UConn). But hey, they’re 4-0. What are you going to do?
  4. I love that Fresno State is undefeated.
  5. Texas won! Who’da guessed?

Week 5 Picks

Last week: 17-4 (.810), Overall: 58-13 (.817)

    1. Ole Miss is much improved, but even the #1 recruit in the nation won’t be enough this week in Tuscaloosa.
    2. There’s something about a big Big Ten matchup in the fall that I can’t help but love. I would love for Wisconsin to beat the Buckeyes this weekend, but with Braxton Miller likely back, I don’t see that happening.
    3. UPSET PICK: Georgia over LSU. I’m beginning to notice a pattern here, but I’m a fan of Georgia this year and I think they take care of LSU at home.
    4. UPSET OF THE WEEK: I know this is crazy talk, but I’m taking UCF at home over the Gamecocks. I haven’t seen an overly-impressive performance from USC and UCF might be able to take them by surprise.
    5. Oklahoma hasn’t beaten the Irish since 1956, but they’ve also only played them once this century. I still believe ND is overrated and I think Oklahoma proves it this week.

Picks in BOLD.

No. 21 Ole Miss at No. 1 ALABAMA
California at No. 2 OREGON
Wake Forest at No. 3 CLEMSON
No. 23 Wisconsin at No. 4 OHIO STATE
No. 5 STANFORD at Washington State
No. 6 LSU at No. 9 GEORGIA
No. 8 FLORIDA STATE at Boston College
No. 10 TEXAS A&M at Arkansas
No. 11 OKLAHOMA STATE at West Virginia
No. 12 South Carolina at UCF
No. 14 OKLAHOMA at No. 22 Notre Dame
No. 15 MIAMI (FL) at South Florida
Arizona at No. 16 WASHINGTON
No. 20 FLORIDA at Kentucky
No. 25 FRESNO STATE at Hawaii
Virginia Tech at GEORGIA TECH
Arkansas State at MISSOURI
Southern Methodist at TCU

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