Fixing the BCS: Revised BCS

I am not a huge fan of the new College Football Playoff Committee. I am not entirely opposed to a playoff, but I don’t think the BCS is a bad thing, I think it just needs some tweaking.

Before I unveil my proposals, I do think the formula needs modified ever so slightly.

  1. The Coaches’ Poll needs to either be eliminated or given less weight in the formula. See my reasons here.
  2. The computer rankings need to be evaluated every two to four years. I would propose that the ranking system that is most often thrown out for being highest or lowest would be replaced by a different system. [This year, Richard Billingsley’s rankings were eliminated 80 times out of 275 rankings (29% of the time).]

Proposal #1: A Revised BCS System

In my proposed revised BCS system only a few changes will be made. The BCS formula will be used to rank teams 1-25 as it does now. However:

  • Conference champions of the five lower-tier conferences (American, C-USA, MAC, Mountain West, Sun Belt) must be in the top 14 of the BCS rankings to automatically qualify, and conference champions of the upper-tier conferences (ACC, Big 12, Big 10, Pac-12, and SEC) must be ranked in the top 16 to automatically qualify. This year, that would mean no UCF in the Fiesta Bowl. I don’t dislike UCF, but it seems silly to me that seven teams that have been deemed “better” will not go to a BCS game, but because UCF plays in a weak conference, they will.
  • No per-conference limit. Currently, only two teams per conference are allowed to play in a BCS bowl (including the national championship game). This seems to penalize teams for playing in stronger conferences, so my new system would eliminate that provision.
  • If a conference champion of the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12, or SEC goes to the NCG, the highest ranked member of that conference in the top 14 would replace them in their conferences BCS tie-in bowl.
  • Once top-14 automatic-qualifiers have been placed and conference champions have been replaced, remaining BCS spots are awarded in order of ranking in the normal BCS selections order (2013-2014: Orange, Sugar, Fiesta)
  • If a selection would result in two teams from the same conference in a BCS game other than the NCG, the next team available will be taken.

UPDATE: Corrected some mistakes.

Here are this years projections based on my modifications (using the current formula):

BCS National Championship Game #1 Florida St* #2 Auburn*
The Rose Bowl Game #4 Michigan St* #5 Stanford*
Orange #12 Clemson** #7 Ohio St***
Sugar #3 Alabama** #10 Oregon***
Fiesta #6 Baylor* #8 Missouri***

*Conference Champion
**Conference Champion Replacement
***”At-Large” Selection

The NCG, Rose, and Orange Bowl games would remain the same. The top-14 provision would keep UCF out, the no per-conference would allow Missouri to be eligible. Clemson and Alabama would still replace Florida State and Auburn, respectively, and Ohio State, Missouri, and Oregon would become the “at large” selections.

I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely rather see Baylor against Missouri than the Golden Knights.

UPDATE: Here are what the BCS bowls from the last few years would look like. The revised system would have made a big impact on the 2009 games with three lower-tier conference champions being ranked in the top 14.


BCS National Championship Game #1 Notre Dame #2 Alabama*
The Rose Bowl Game #6 Stanford* #8 LSU***
Fiesta #5 Kansas St* #4 Oregon***
Sugar #3 Florida** #11 Oklahoma***
Orange #12 Florida St* #7 Georgia***

*Conference Champion
**Conference Champion Replacement
***”At-Large” Selection


BCS National Championship Game #1 LSU* #2 Alabama
The Rose Bowl Game #5 Oregon* #10 Wisconsin*
Fiesta #3 Oklahoma St* #4 Stanford***
Sugar #6 Arkansas** #7 Boise St***
Orange #15 Clemson* #8 Kansas St***

*Conference Champion
**Conference Champion Replacement
***”At-Large” Selection


BCS National Championship Game #1 Auburn* #2 Oregon*
The Rose Bowl Game #4 Stanford** #5 Wisconsin*
Sugar #8 Arkansas** #3 TCU*
Orange #13 Virginia Tech* #6 Ohio St***
Fiesta #7 Oklahoma* #10 Boise St*

*Conference Champion
**Conference Champion Replacement
***”At-Large” Selection


BCS National Championship Game #1 Alabama* #2 Texas*
The Rose Bowl Game #7 Oregon* #8 Ohio St*
Orange #9 Georgia Tech* #4 TCU*
Sugar #5 Florida** #6 Boise St*
Fiesta #3 Cincinnati* #10 Iowa***

*Conference Champion
**Conference Champion Replacement
***”At-Large” Selection

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