A Mid-Major Team is Better than Every Ranked One-Loss Team

Applying the college football transitive property, we can see below that none of the remaining one-loss teams belong in the inaugural college football playoff. An average mid-major team is better than all of them*. The updated rankings are below.

Hat tip to my friend Adam for the inspiration for this research.

Bowling Green is better than Alabama and Georgia

1. Bowling Green beat Indiana.
2. Indiana beat Missouri.
3. Missouri beat Florida by 29 but Alabama only beat Florida by 21.

3. Missouri beat South Carolina.
4. South Carolina beat Georgia.

UAB is better than Auburn

UAB only lost to Mississippi St by 13 but Auburn lost to Mississippi St 15.

Central Michigan is better than Notre Dame

Central Michigan beat Purdue by 21 but Notre Dame only beat Purdue by 16.

Nevada is better than Baylor and TCU

1. Nevada beat BYU.
2. BYU beat Texas by 34 but Baylor only beat Texas by 21.
3. Baylor beat TCU.

Louisiana Tech is better than K-State

Louisiana Tech beat UTEP by 52 but K-State only beat UTEP by 30.

Akron is better than Ohio St, Arizona, Oregon, Michigan St, and Nebraska

1. Akron beat Pittsburgh.
2. Pittsburgh beat Virginia Tech.
3. Virginia Tech beat Ohio St.

2. Pittsburgh beat Boston College.
3. Boston College beat USC.
4. USC beat Arizona.
5. Arizona beat Oregon.
6. Oregon beat Michigan St.
7. Michigan St. beat Nebraska.

Updated Rankings

1 Mississippi St
2 Florida St
3 Ole Miss
4 Bowling Green
5 Alabama
7 Auburn
8 Akron
9 Oregon
10 Central Michigan
11 Notre Dame
12 Michigan St
13 Georgia
14 Nevada
15 TCU
16 Louisiana Tech
17 Kansas State
18 Baylor
19 Ohio State
20 Arizona St
21 Arizona
22 Nebraska
23 Oklahoma
24 East Carolina
25 Utah

*This is a joke.

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