Head-to-Head Is Important, but It’s not the Be-All and End-All: TCU is a Better Team than Baylor

“Baylor fans have been adamant their team’s head-to-head win over TCU has made them the most deserving selection among the Frogs, Bears and Buckeyes…” – Jerry Hinnen, CBS Sports

“The committee has gone against every playground ethic we were ever taught. I beat you up and I’m better than you until we meet again…The committee is essentially saying definitively head-to-head doesn’t matter in a tiebreaker between TCU and Baylor…To put it in playground terms: The Frogs are better than the Bears on most days. Just not on the day they actually fought…Someone stop this playoff merry-go-round. The vertigo is killing us. As we slog through the final week before Sunday’s playoff pairings are announced, it’s all getting a bit ridiculous.” – Dennis Dodd, CBS Sports

Mr. Dodd, I respectfully disagree.

It seems as if the only instance where the “head-to-head” or “playground” logic is being applied is in the TCU-Baylor situation. Why isn’t anyone arguing that Ole Miss should be ranked higher than Alabama, or Arizona higher than Oregon, or, for that matter, West Virginia over Baylor?

Head-to-head should matter, but head-to-head results do not always tell the whole story.

I understand that ALL other things being equal, head-to-head should decide the better team. Unfortunately for Baylor, all other things are not equal.

The goal of the Playoff and the Committee is to pit the four best teams in the nation against each other. And if that is the goal, with the top-three at least, they’re doing their job. TCU is a better team than Baylor (and Florida St.).

“We evaluate these teams. We watch these games. We watch the film. We have coaches in the room. We believe TCU is a better football team at this point in time…” – Jeff Long

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