A Conference Championship Game Wouldn’t Have Helped the Big 12

Soon after the playoff committee announced the four teams to play in the inaugural College Football Playoff, the Big 12 said that they felt misled about and penalized for not having a conference championship game.

I contend that it didn’t matter.

Let’s say the Big 12 actually had 12 teams and played a conference championship game. What would have happened?

Depending on who the other two teams were, Baylor would have won the Big 12 South (via tiebreaker over TCU) and K-State would have won the North.

Historically, Colorado, Nebraska and Mizzou are the missing teams from the North, while Texas A&M is missing from the South. This year, the South would have likely played out the same way as A&M wasn’t a huge contender. Missouri definitely could have taken the North title from K-State, however.

So in all likelihood, your championship game would have been Baylor vs. K-State/Mizzou. The first of those options actually happened and it still didn’t help the Big 12 enough to get in. I don’t see how Baylor beating Missouri in the same fashion would have made much of a difference either.

The lack of a championship game (at least this year) is just a crutch/excuse that the Big 12 commissioner is holding on to and not the real reason the Big 12 got left out.*

*The real reason is that TCU didn’t beat Baylor. That would have solved ALL of their problems.

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