Plan Accordingly: Top Games – Week 1

UPDATE #4: Star system modified and games changed below.

UPDATE #3: Picks added.

UPDATE #2: Bill Connelly and ESPN updated their ratings, so the games below have been updated as well. Bama/Wisconsin is now a 4-star game and Ohio St./VT has been upgraded to a 3-star game.

UPDATE: Added the AP Top 25 rankings.

Two weeks from today we will celebrate College Football Day. In honor of the coming holiday, here are the top games you should watch during Week 1 (September 3-7).

Games are ranked like recruits: 5 stars, 4 stars, and 3 stars. Just like in recruiting, 2-star and 1-star games won’t be given much attention.

Games are ranked using a super-scientific system comparing the overall quality of the two teams and the closeness of the match-up. The quality of each team is found using Brian Fremeau’s, Bill Connelly’s, and ESPN’s advanced stats ranking systems.

Without further ado: the games. All times AZ.

Four-Star Games / Game of the Week

1. #15 Arizona St. vs. Texas A&M (in Houston) Saturday 4:00 PM ESPN ASU*
2. #3 Alabama vs. #20 Wisconsin (in Dallas) Saturday 5:00 PM ABC Bama

Three-Star Games

1. Michigan at Utah Thursday 5:30 PM FS1 Michigan*
2. BYU at Nebraska Saturday 12:30 PM ABC Nebraska
3. #6 Auburn vs. Louisville (in Atlanta) Saturday 12:30 PM CBS Auburn
4. Texas at #11 Notre Dame Saturday 4:30 PM NBC Notre Dame
5. North Carolina vs. South Carolina (in Charlotte) Thursday 3:00 PM ESPN South Carolina
6. #1 Ohio St. at Virginia Tech Monday 5:00 PM ESPN Ohio St.
7. Penn St. at Temple Saturday 12:30 PM ESPN Penn St.
8. Washington at #23 Boise St. Friday 7:15 PM ESPN Boise St.
9. Georgia Southern at West Virginia Saturday 4:30 PM FSN West Virginia

*Upset picks

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