Plan Accordingly: Top Games – Week 14

Games are ranked like recruits: 5 stars, 4 stars, and 3 stars. Just like in recruiting, 2-star and 1-star games won’t be given much attention.

Games are ranked using a super-scientific system comparing the overall quality of the two teams and the closeness of the match-up. The quality of each team is found using Brian Fremeau’s, Bill Connelly’s, and ESPN’s advanced stats ranking systems.


All Games Pct. Upset Picks Pct.
Last Week 18-6 .750 2-2 .500
Overall 109-66 .623 15-17 .469

Without further ado: the games. All times AZ. Picks in CAPS.


Pac-12 Conference Championship: #7 STANFORD vs. #20 USC (in Santa Clara)
Saturday, 5:45 PM, ESPN (WatchESPN)
Overtime Bowl


ACC Championship: #1 CLEMSON vs. #10 North Carolina (in Charlotte)
Saturday, 6:00 PM, ABC (WatchESPN)

Big Ten Championship: #4 Iowa vs. #5 MICHIGAN ST.** (in Indianapolis)
Saturday, 6:00 PM, FOX (FOX Sports GO)
Upset Special

American Championship: #22 Temple at #19 HOUSTON
Saturday, 10:00 AM, ABC (WatchESPN)
G5 Game of the Week

SEC Championship: #2 ALABAMA vs. #18 Florida (in Atlanta)
Saturday, 2:00 PM, CBS (

Mountain West Championship: Air Force at SAN DIEGO ST.
Saturday, 5:30 PM, ESPN2 (WatchESPN)
Overtime Bowl

MAC Championship: BOWLING GREEN vs. Northern Illinois (in Detroit)
Friday, 6:00 PM, ESPN2 (WatchESPN)

*Upset picks
**Vegas favorite despite lower ranking
***Vegas underdog despite higher ranking

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