Plan Accordingly: Projected Top Games of All of 2016

After taking a look at week 1, I thought I might as well take a look at the whole season.

If someone you know is planning a wedding this fall, please feel free to pass this along to them so that, despite their un-American decision to wed in the fall, they can make the best possible choice as they pick a date.

Today’s post is the top games overall broken down by Power 5 or Group of 5 games. Later this week I’ll post the best projected games by conference, non-conference, week, and month, along with some Overtime, Toilet and Blowout Bowls.

I’m using the projected ratings from Bill Connelly’s and ESPN’s advanced stats ranking systems to rank the games.

Games are ranked using a super-scientific system comparing the overall quality of the two teams and the closeness of the match-up.

Most times and TV are still TBD.

TOP 25 GAMES OF 2016

There seems to be a theme running through this list (SEC).

Five-Star Games 

1. Alabama at LSU
Saturday, November 5

2. Clemson at Florida St.
Saturday, October 29

3. Tennessee at Georgia
Saturday, October 1

Four-Star Games 

4. Georgia at Ole Miss
Saturday, September 24

5. USC at Washington
Saturday, November 12

6. Notre Dame at USC
Saturday, November 26

7. Michigan at Ohio St.
Saturday, November 26

8. Stanford at UCLA
Saturday, September 24

9. Stanford at Notre Dame
Saturday, October 15, NBC

10. Stanford at Washington
Saturday, September 30

11. Alabama at Tennessee
Saturday, October 15

12. Alabama at Ole Miss
Saturday, September 17

13. Ole Miss at LSU
Saturday, October 22

14. Florida St. vs. Ole Miss (in Orlando)
Monday, September 5, 5 PM, ESPN

15. USC at UCLA
Saturday, November 19

16. USC at Stanford
Saturday, September 17

17. Oklahoma St. at Baylor
Saturday, September 24

18. Florida vs. Georgia (in Jacksonville)
Saturday, October 29, 12:30 PM, CBS

19. UCLA at Texas A&M
Saturday, September 3

20. Florida at Arkansas
Saturday, November 5

21. Texas A&M at Auburn
Saturday, September 17

22. Texas A&M at Mississippi St.
Saturday, November 5

23. Alabama vs. USC (in Arlington, TX)
Saturday, September 3

24. Baylor at Oklahoma
Saturday, November 12

25. Florida at Tennessee
Saturday, September 24



If you don’t want to consider BYU a G5 team, then you can title this section “Top 12 Group of Five Games of 2016.”

Three-Star Games 

1. BYU at West Virginia
Saturday, September 24

2. Washington St. at Boise St.
Saturday, September 10

3. Western Michigan at Northwestern
Saturday, September 3

4. Mississippi St. at BYU
Friday, October 14, 6 PM

5. BYU at Michigan St.
Saturday, October 8

6. BYU at Boise St.
Thursday, October 20, 7:15 PM, ESPN

7. BYU at Utah
Saturday, September 10

8. South Florida at Syracuse
Saturday, September 17

9. Cal at San Diego St.
Saturday, September 10, 7:30 PM, CBSSN

10. Houston at Cincinnati
Thursday, September 15, ESPN

11. UCLA at BYU
Saturday, September 17

12. Arizona vs. BYU (in Glendale, AZ)
Saturday, September 3

13. South Florida at Temple
Friday, October 21, ESPN

14. South Florida at Cincinnati
Saturday, October 1

15. Bowling Green at Toledo
Saturday, October 15

Two-Star Games 

16. BYU at Cincinnati
Saturday, November 5

17. Louisville at Houston
Thursday, November 17, ESPN

18. Vanderbilt at Western Kentucky
Saturday, September 24, 12:30 PM

19. Appalachian St. at Georgia Southern
Thursday, October 27, 4:30 PM, ESPNU

20. Western Kentucky at Marshall
Saturday, November 26


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