What to Watch – Special March Madness First Round Edition


The games are ranked using a zero- to five-star scale. Five stars meaning that you should make every human effort possible aside from committing a crime to watch this game (it’s time your children learned to feed themselves) and zero stars meaning you probably shouldn’t waste your time.

Games are ranked using a super-scientific system comparing the overall quality of the two teams and the closeness of the match-up. The quality of each team is found using Ken Pomeroy’s, ESPN’s, and Jeff Sagarin’s advanced stats ranking systems.

Without further ado: the games. All times AZ. Picks in CAPS.


7 South Carolina vs. 10 MARQUETTE
Fri., Mar. 17, 6:45 PM, TBS
Upset Alert / Overtime Watch


7 MICHIGAN vs. 10 Oklahoma St.
Fri., Mar. 17, 9:00 AM, CBS
Upset Alert / Overtime Watch

MIAMI vs. 9 Michigan St.
Fri., Mar. 17, 6:15 PM, TNT
Overtime Watch


6 CREIGHTON vs. 11 Rhode Island
Fri., Mar. 17, 1:20 PM, TBS
Upset Alert

8 Northwestern vs. 9 VANDERBILT
Thu., Mar. 16, 1:20 PM, TBS
Overtime Watch

6 Maryland vs. 11 XAVIER
Thu., Mar. 16, 3:45 PM, TNT
Upset Alert / Overtime Watch

8 ARKANSAS vs. 9 Seton Hall
Fri., Mar. 17, 10:00 AM, TNT
Overtime Watch

6 CINCINNATI vs. 11 Kansas St.
Fri., Mar. 17, 4:15 PM, TruTV
Upset Alert

5 MINNESOTA vs. 12 Middle Tennessee
Thu., Mar. 16, 12:50 PM, TNT
Upset Alert / Overtime Watch


8 WISCONSIN vs. 9 Virginia Tech
Thu., Mar. 16, 6:30 PM, CBS

5 IOWA ST. vs. 12 Nevada
Thu., Mar. 16, 6:55 PM, TruTV

5 NOTRE DAME vs. 12 Princeton
Thu., Mar. 16, 9:00 AM, CBS

7 Dayton vs. 10 WICHITA ST.
Fri., Mar. 17, 4:00 PM, CBS
Upset Alert

7 ST. MARY’S vs. 10 VCU
Thu., Mar. 16, 4:15 PM, CBS

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