The 42 Top College Football Games of 2017

Memorial Stadium

There are 42 days until the first kickoff of the 2017 college football season. In honor of today, here are the 42 top games based on my projections using Bill Connelly’s and ESPN’s advanced statistics ratings. (Here’s a lengthy explanation of my process.)

Arizona times given if available.

Week 1 – September 2

Florida vs. Michigan (in Arlington)
12:30 PM, ABC

Alabama vs. Florida St. (in Atlanta)
5:00 PM, ABC

Week 2 – September 9

Auburn at Clemson
4:00 PM, ESPN

Oklahoma at Ohio St.
4:30 PM, ABC

Georgia at Notre Dame
4:30 PM, NBC

Stanford at USC
5:30 PM, FOX

Week 3 – September 16

Clemson at Louisville
12:30 PM

Week 4 – September 23

TCU at Oklahoma St.

Week 5 – September 30

Georgia at Tennessee

Week 6 – October 7

LSU at Florida

Week 7 – October 14

Texas A&M at Florida

Auburn at LSU

Baylor at Oklahoma St.

Oregon at Stanford

Oklahoma vs. Texas (in Dallas)

Week 8 – October 21

USC at Notre Dame
4:30 PM, NBC

Louisville at Florida St.

Michigan at Penn St.

Oklahoma St. at Texas

Oregon at UCLA

North Carolina at Virginia Tech

Week 9 – October 28

Florida vs. Georgia (in Jacksonville)
12:30 PM, CBS

Penn St. at Ohio St.
12:30 PM, FOX

Mississippi St. at Texas A&M

Week 10 – November 4

LSU at Alabama

Clemson at NC State

Texas at TCU

Auburn at Texas A&M

Oregon at Washington

Week 11 – November 10-11

Washington at Stanford
Friday, November 10, 8:30 PM, FS1

Georgia at Auburn
Saturday, November 11

Florida St. at Clemson
Saturday, November 11

Notre Dame at Miami
Saturday, November 11

Week 12 – November 18

Texas A&M at Ole Miss

LSU at Tennessee


Michigan at Wisconsin

Week 13 – November 25

Ohio St. at Michigan
10:00 AM, FOX

Alabama at Auburn

Florida St. at Florida

North Carolina at NC State

Notre Dame at Stanford

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