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Thank You Notes

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, I wanted to show my gratitude. So I decided to write a few thank you notes.

Thank you, Utah Utes, for playing really well at home this year and somehow beating Stanford.

Thank you, Stanford Cardinal eight-and-nine-offensive-linemen formations, for playing old-school football and beating Oregon…again.

Thank you, Andre Heidari, for kicking the game winning field goal against the Cardinal, giving them their second conference loss.

Thank you, Josh Huff, for bagging on the Granddaddy of Them All and setting your team up for what is to follow.

Thank you, un-named players from the team in Baja Arizona, for obliterating and humbling an Oregon team that may have thought too highly of themselves (and for giving them their second conference loss).

Thank you, Carl Bradford, for your pick six that ended up being the difference maker in the Sun Devils Pac-12-South-Division-title-clinching victory over the UCLA Bruins.

How to Have a Chance against Oregon

Stop Punting Against Oregon

If you’re reading this and you know any D-I head coaches that have Oregon on their schedule, pass this along. This idea is courtesy of my dad:

Dear Week 2 Virginia, Tennessee, Cal, Colorado, etc.,

Stop punting against Oregon. They are going to score nearly every time they get the ball. It makes no difference if they have the ball on the -20 or the +30. They are going to find a way to put it in the end zone. You might as well give your offense that extra down to possibly convert and increase your own likelihood of scoring.

Furthermore, since they will score every series, if you don’t convert on fourth down, and they get the ball with good field position, it will actually work to your advantage. They will score sooner and faster, thereby giving you the ball back sooner, again increasing your chances of scoring more points.

Logical People